March 20, 2017
Dear Guide,
I thought I would write to you so we can remind your readers about our upcoming hangar dance at the TWA Museum on April 29, 2017. It's our major fundraiser of the year and should be a great time.

Karen Holden-Young
TWA Museum
P.S. You left your lunch at the museum on Thursday, so we ate it.
(click here to see info about the hangar dance)

Feb 28, 2017
Just checking out the TWA Museum blog and enjoyed the article on the TWA history and uniforms. Here's a photo of me in my AA uniform with the B737-800 "tribute" plane in vintage TWA livery parked at MSP about three weeks after it first appeared on AA's system.I think that AA has about 10 of the tribute planes featuring airlines that were acquired over the years by AA.It is always exciting to former TWA employees to spot the TWA plane taxiing in!

Bill Bowman, St. Louis, MO
(click here to see the article bill is referring to)


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