May 2, 2017

We know many of you have read the March 27, 2017 Los Angeles Times article about our museum and our response to it ( In the time since we posted this information, we have received several inquiries about any correction(s) made by or response(s) received from The Times. You should be aware that the following information was added to their original online article on April 11, approximately one week after we sent our response to them:

For the Record
APR. 11, 2017, 10:45 AM
This article incorrectly says the plane outside the TWA Museum is a Boeing 737-800. It is an MD-80.

We at the museum were disappointed to see that only one of several inaccuracies and concerns we pointed out was addressed. So, on April 21, we wrote again to Nigel Duara (the journalist), his editor and the reader representative of The Times, giving them the opportunity to further address our concerns. We also informed that on May 2, we would post the above and any additional responses from them. We did not receive any reply from them, so we'll conclude that what you see above is their final word.

We are now moving on and consider this episode closed. Nevertheless, this experience reminded us of a couple of important things. First and foremost, our museum has great friends and supporters. Our blog page with The Times article and our response was viewed over 3,000 times. We have received dozens and dozens of encouraging comments. We are very appreciative of your support. Secondly, we were reminded that people and institutions doing good work must stand up to those who treat them unfairly and unkindly. Are we averse to criticism? Not at all. In fact, we know maintaining our mission is hard work and are always striving to improve our museum. We end this dialogue with Mr. Duara and the Los Angeles Times as we began it, contending their treatment of us was wrong and undeserved. We doubt Mr. Duara's career or success as a journalist will be influenced by his dealings with us. But maybe, just maybe, this experience will sit in the back of his mind. We hope so.

Time for us to get back to work. Our most recent blog article about TWA's L-1011 has met with a great response. We're already working on the next article and look forward to bringing it to you soon.


The Board, staff and volunteers
TWA Museum